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TrappCG is the New revision of Traptcg.com.  The tutorials on TrappCG will be complete projects.  This direction is to teach not only the tools of each software, but also to develop the skills and Imagination to create your own projects.  Each project will be broken down into multiple videos.


Programs covered: Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

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Introduction To 3D Studio Max


Download 9 Part Tutorial Series:

Part 1: 3D Modeling a desk

This tutorial will cover:

• 3D Studio Max view-port navigation.

• Create 3D object in side 3D Studio Max.

• 3D polygon modeling the computer desk.  You will learn to use the Edit Poly Modifier to shape 3D objects.

Part 2: Texturing the desk

This tutorial will cover:

• Material and Texture the wood, metal, and glass of the 3D desk

• You will use 3D Studio Max UVW Map Modifier to control the wood texture

• You will use Adobe Photoshop to create the diffuse and bump map texture for the wood

• You will use Ray-trace maps in the reflect and refract slots to  create the glass material

Part 3: 3D Modeling 27inch iMac

This tutorial will cover:

• Polygon Modeling a 27 inch iMac Computer

• Material and Texture iMac Computer

• 3D Studio max Spline model the apple logo with Extrusion Modifier.

• Convert Spline model into an Edit Poly object.

• Use Pro Boolean to cut shapes into a 3D object

• Use Spline modeling to create a power cord for the iMac

• Use a Multi/ sub-object Material to apply multiple materials and textures to the iMac computer

• Use Polygon: Material IDs to control the Multi/ Sub-object material

• Use Polygon: Smoothing Groups to control render smoothing of the iMac

• How to hide and unhide object in 3D Studio Max

Part 4: 3D Modeling Apple Keyboard

This tutorial will cover:

• Polygon modeling an Apple keyboard

• Use a reference image on a plane to model the keyboard in 3D Studio Max.

• Use 3D Studio Max Cloning and copying tools to create the buttons for the Apple keyboard

• Use Edit poly attach to combine multiple 3D objects together.

• Use Pro Boolean tool to cut the keys out of the keyboard.

• Use Unwrap UVW modifier to create a texture unwrap for texturing the keys on the keyboard.

• Save the texture unwrap from 3D Studio max to be used in Adobe Illustrator.

• Use Adobe Illustrator and vector images to texture the keyboard keys.

• Save out of Adobe Illustrator the texture map to be placed on the Apple keyboard keys in side 3D Studio Max

Part 5: 3D Modeling Apple Mouse

This tutorial will cover:

• Polygon modeling an Apple mouse

• Use the Edit Poly modifier to model a box into the apple mouse

• Lear how to lean up non 4 sided polygons

• Combine vertices that are on top of each other with the Weld tool

• Use Turbo Smooth to smooth out the model.

• Use Polygon: Smoothing Groups to control the Turbo Smooth modifier.

• Use Unwrap UVW modifier to create the UV texture template.

• Use Adobe Photoshop to create the texture for the 3D Mouse.

Part 6: 3D Modeling A Desk Glob

This tutorial will cover:

• Polygon modeling an old world desk glob

• Download a large Earth diffuse and bump texture from www.shadedrelief.com

• Use Adobe Photoshop to color correct the texture images and create a line grid

• Use select and link to connect objects together

• Use bump map to add extra detail to the surface of the sphere

Part 7: 3D Modeling Out The Room

This tutorial will cover:

• Build the 3D flooring, walls, and windows with blinds.

• Texture the walls and flooring and use UVW Map to control the texture

• 3D Model, Material, and Texture the Papers, Glass, Sticky Notes, and Books on the desk.

Part 8: ScanLine Rendering

This tutorial will cover:

• Render your scene with Default Scanline Rendering

• Change Render output size.

• Set up a three point lighting system

• Set lights to cast shadows using shadow map

• Change brightness and color of the lights in the 3D Scene

• Add volume lighting to the window light to create light rays into the room.

• Set render output to render out multiple frames.

• Use Adobe After Effects to import the render frames and Export a final movie clip.

Part 9: Rendering With Mental Ray

This tutorial will cover:

• Rendering with Mental Ray in 3D Studio Max

• Use Mental Ray Lighting

• Control Global Illumination with Final Gather

• Create Caustics in 3D Studio Max using Mental Ray

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