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TrappCG is the New revision of Traptcg.com.  The tutorials on TrappCG will be complete projects.  This direction is to teach not only the tools of each software, but also to develop the skills and Imagination to create your own projects.  Each project will be broken down into multiple videos.


Programs covered: Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

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Logo Animation

Introduction To Adobe After Effects


Download 4 Part Tutorial Series:

Part 1: Getting Logo Ready

This tutorial will cover:

• Finding a vector Logo from www.Brandsoftheworld.com

• Or Downloading from www.trappcg.com

• Setting up your logo in Adobe Illustrator for After Effects

• Breaking up the logo into multiple layers in Illustrator

• Setting up Adobe After Effects Work Space

• Change Preference Settings in After Effects to make sure it runs efficiently

• Set up Memory and Media Disk Cache in After Effects Preferences

Part 2: Create First Logo Animation

This tutorial will cover:

• Learn to import the Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop version of your logo into adobe After Effects

• Import the Logo as a Composition - Retain Layer Size

• Learn how to Change Composition Settings Like: Size, Time Length, Frames Per Second: in After Effects

• Learn to Duplicate a composition

• Learn to Navigate different windows in After Effects Like: the Composition Window, Time Line, and Project window

• Learn to set key frame to animate position and rotation in After Effects time line

• Learn to add ease in and ease out on key frames then modify the ease in and out with graph editor.

• Learn how to export your animation out of After Effects into a video format.

• Learn Youtube video settings found on: https://support.google.com/youtube/an...

Part 3: Create Second Logo Animation

This tutorial will cover:

• Learn to import your logo as a Composition

• Learn the difference between importing as composition and composition retain layer size

• Use key frames to animate scale

• Add motion blur to your animation in After Effects

• Learn how to add effects like Glow to a layer.

• Then use Effects Controls to modify the effect applied to the layer and animate them

• Export animation as a video file

Part 4: Create Third Logo Animation

This tutorial will cover:

• Learn to combine layers from to different compositions

• Learn to change the Anchor point to layers

• Create a Camera in After Effects

• Turn 2D Layers into 3D Layers

• Change camera view in the view port to top view

• Animate layers on the z axis

• Fix unwanted animation movement by working with Key frame Interpolation and Spatial Interpolation

• Learn how to create a Solid Layer in After Effects

• Create a cloud effects (fractal Noise) in After Effects

• Create a Vector Circle in After Effects

• Animate the scale of vector circle and change its blending move

• Create a light burst effects coming off the logo

• Add Sound effects in After Effects to improve the final animation

• Get a great sound library from: https://www.videocopilot.net/products...

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