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TrappCG is the New revision of Traptcg.com.  The tutorials on TrappCG will be complete projects.  This direction is to teach not only the tools of each software, but also to develop the skills and Imagination to create your own projects.  Each project will be broken down into multiple videos.


Programs covered: Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

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Design A Magazine Cove

Introduction To Adobe Photoshop


Download 4 Part Tutorial Series:

Part 1: Introduction To Photoshop

This tutorial will cover:

• Understand and modifying Adobe Photoshop's interface

• Improving Photoshop's performance.

• Create a New document with a specific size

• Understanding color bit

• Work with text tool to create text in Photoshop

• Work with type in Photoshop

• Work with the move tool and transform tools

• Work with history panel

• Use paint brush to layout design ideas

Part 2: Image clean up

This tutorial will cover:

• Bring an image into Photoshop

• Turning a Female model into a cyborg in Photoshop

• Face clean up in Photoshop Using Healing brush and Blur filters.

• Learn to use selection tools to cut out a person from the background and refine edge tool to make the selection easier and nicer.

• Work with masks in Photoshop, to clean up image selections

• Use Smart object, Masks and Smart filters to clean up skin

• Use Folders in the layers panel to manage your project

• Use Pen tool to draw lines to break up sections of the models face

• Use Path select tool to modify the lines you draw

• Rename layer for file management

Part 3: Turn model into a cyborg

This tutorial will cover:

• Finish turning a Female model into a cyborg in Photoshop

• Use Layer Style to add dimension to the lines with Bevel Emboss

• Add images for robotic parts

• Add glowing effects

• Learn how to use adjustment layers to control levels, contrast, and color

• Learn how to merge layers

• Transfer Cyborg model head to Magazine cover Document.

Part 4: Designing magazine covers

This tutorial will cover:

• Finish laying out 2 Different magazine designs in Photoshop

• Learn how to create costume text boxes for frame text in Photoshop

• Work with changing fonts in Photoshop

• Learn how to blend photos into background environment.

• Use vector shape tools to create boxes.

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